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Redefining Facials – Go Organic @ BellaVita

With the pollution that you pass through daily and the sun that burns your skin, cleaning it at regular intervals is very necessary. With proper cleaning, the skin shall remain safe and young. Even when you clean your face daily, some pores remain blocked. People those who have oily skins tend to get pimples during the summer. Such things can be handled well during a facial. Organic facials help you to de-tan your skin and get an instant glow.

Why prefer Organic facials and hair services?

Usually a lot of chemicals are used to make a facial kit. These chemicals may cause harm to your skin overtime and you might also be allergic to some kind of chemical composition present in the cream. Hence people these days prefer organic facials. Such contain products made out of organic items like leaves, honey, fruits, etc.  The organic salon in Gurgaon provides this service. You can get a treatment for your skin and your hair with organic facial and organic hair services.

What are the services given by the Organic Salon in Gurgaon?

The organic salon in Gurugram (Gurgaon) provides to the customers, male and female, effective and easy way of treating all kinds of skin problems. Some of the organic treatments are:

  • Bella Vita Acne Buster: this organic facial is made with neem, tulsi and aloe Vera which treats your damaged skin and clears the acne.Bela Vita Protein pack also contains these items and helps to vary out an herbal hair spa.
  • Granny’s secret Ubtan: the mixture with made with sandalwood and gram flour which refreshes our tired skin and lightens the tan.
  • Narangee chum chum: the mixture contains orange and other products that supplies a lot of vitamin C to treat oily skin.
  • HerballyChamak: the combination of cucumber and aloe Vera to treat dry skin and all kinds of skin defects like dark circles and blackheads.
  • Dandruff buster: organic hair service containing products made with hibiscus, tea tree and aloe Vera.

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